La Roma

December 28, 2023

Colima 71

Love, Art, and Exclusivity

Valentine's Day in Mexico

In the urban fabric of the Mexican capital, La Roma, Mexico City is known as a stage full of history, art, and romance. As February unfolds its charm, February 14th emerges as a unique opportunity to celebrate love in this vibrant corner. At Colima 71, we invite you to immerse yourself in a fantastic experience where art, gastronomy, and a select atmosphere converge to make your Valentine's Day memorable.

Love Between Brushes and Canvases: Art Galleries in Roma, Mexico City.

Colonia Roma hosts a rich concentration of art galleries, making it the perfect place for lovers of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and more. This February 14th, treat yourself to an inspiring stroll through these galleries, where each piece tells a unique visual story. Let the connection between you and your partner deepen as you explore avant-garde exhibitions and discover new artistic expressions.

Here are our top recommendations.

Valentine's Day in Mexico Dinners: A Feast for the Senses.

Roma, Mexico City's Restaurants are known for their exquisite culinary offerings and charming ambiance. Celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic dinner at one of the trendiest restaurants in the area. Enjoy carefully prepared dishes, select wines, and an intimate atmosphere that will make this February 14th special.

Discover our Ultimate Foodie's Guide to La Roma's and choose your favorite restaurant.

Nighttime Vibes on February 14th: Events in Clubs, Bars, and Concerts.

If you're looking to continue the celebration into the late hours, Colonia Roma offers one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Mexico City. Join the special events organized by local clubs and bars to celebrate love and friendship.

From themed cocktails to immersive dance floors, as well as concerts that allow you to experience the rich cultural diversity of Mexico City, reflecting the diversity of the local and international art scene, there are options for every taste.

Colima 71: Your Hotel in La Roma, Mexico City, for This Valentine's Day.

After a day filled with art, delicious food, and celebration, Colima 71 awaits you as a select and comfortable retreat. Our boutique hotel in Mexico City offers 16 spacious studios designed to transcend conventional limits, with extensive spaces, a fully equipped kitchen, and peaceful outdoor terraces to contemplate the rhythm of Colonia Roma, taking you to an entirely new level of rest, whole of comfort, exquisite aesthetics, and service that exceeds all expectations. 

Gift your partner a stay in Mexico City that will linger in their hearts; take advantage of our Experience Colima Con mi Amor, which includes:

- 4 nights at Studio Terraza Colima.

- Complimentary one-way transportation from the airport to the hotel.

- Romantic decoration in the room upon arrival.

- Complimentary bottle of red wine in the room (Concierto Enológico Obertura).

- Complimentary selection of handmade Mexican chocolates upon arrival.

- 60-minute relaxing massage for 2 people in the room.

- Complete breakfast included, with a Panadería Rosetta piece and a Colima special.

- 1 romantic dinner for 2 people (with two options to choose from):

- Option 1: Tizne Tacomotora, a hidden gem in Roma Norte, with tasting of 5 tacos per person and one alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage per person.

- Option 2: Maíz de Cacao, with 2 dishes of your choice per person with flavors from the Huasteca Veracruzana and a special tasting of pre-Hispanic drinks such as tejate, guava atole, white corn atole, blue corn atole, café de olla, pozol and tazcalate.

- Concierge service during your stay.

Simply an Unforgettable February 14th at Colima 71.

Make La Roma the stage for your romantic celebration this Valentine's Day in Mexico. Immerse yourself in art, delight your palate, and experience the most cosmopolitan side of our country. Our boutique hotel in Mexico City awaits to make your February 14th an extraordinary day!

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