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Today, Colonia Roma is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Mexico City and has been named several times as one of the 50 best neighborhoods in the world. Its cobblestone streets invite you to get lost between history and modernity, where every corner reveals a new secret to discover with abundant art and creativity that adorns its walls.

It had its beginnings in the time of Porfirio Diaz, who had in mind to urbanize different areas of the city, inspired by European patterns, giving rise to the construction of ostentatious buildings, mansions, and palaces with architectural styles such as art nouveau, eclectic, art deco and neocolonial.

From galleries, where artistic expressions merge with the passion of local and international artists, to restaurants that are authentic gastronomic treasures, such as traditional taquerias and gourmet restaurants with avant-garde touches, here every experience is genuine and unique, in the midst of a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Our Selection

Restaurants in Roma Norte

Enjoy the flavors and culinary diversity this mythical neighborhood of Mexico City offers. Discover its gastronomic secrets in restaurants tested and recommended firsthand by the founders of Colima 71, that will transport you to a world of textures, colors, and delicious aromas, through the fusion of culinary traditions and the creativity of passionate chefs, making this neighborhood an epicenter for foodies worldwide.

Fantasy and Reality

Art Galleries in Town

Feel the creative essence in every canvas, sculpture, and masterpiece. Witness the magic that arises when talent and passion come together to enhance the creativity of the artists that inhabit Colonia Roma and its surroundings.


Art Exhibitions

More events to come soon...

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