September 30, 2023

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The Ultimate Foodie's Guide to La Roma's

Welcome to a world where aromas intoxicate the air, flavors awaken your taste buds, and food becomes art. We enter La Colonia Roma, a neighborhood full of history and culture in the imposing and cosmopolitan Mexico City, where gastronomy is more than a pleasure; it is a passion.

A walk through culinary history.

Before our gastronomic tour, let's go back in time to understand how this culinary jewel took shape. Colonia Roma, with its bohemian streets and beautiful mansions, has witnessed the evolution of Mexican cuisine over the centuries. From the pre-Hispanic flavors of corn, chiles, and cacao to the fusion of European and African ingredients after the conquest, the food of La Colonia Roma is a mosaic of cultural traditions.

Breakfast: A Glorious Beginning.

Your culinary day in La Colonia Roma should begin with a glorious breakfast to give you the energy to explore every corner of this magical neighborhood. How about some irresistible egg casserole with dehydrated tomato and goat cheese accompanied by freshly baked bread from Patisserie Dominique, or if you are in a hurry, nothing like an exquisite guava and coffee roll from Rosetta Bakery, the favorite bakery of many, whose owner, Elena Reygada, in 2023 has been considered the best chef in the world by The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

A Lunch for Every Taste.

Colonia Roma comes alive with its wide range of innovative restaurants as the sun rises. If you're looking for a contemporary lunch, you can try Lalo's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, made with organic chicken and home-baked bread. Or, if you want something more traditional, with pre-Hispanic roots, discover the flavors of Maíz de Cacao. This space exalts Huastecan food with dishes like bocoles (a kind of gordita stuffed with marinated black beans with avocado leaves) and its enchiladas with pot beans, cheese, pork tasajo, and handmade tortillas.

An afternoon of Aromas, Textures, Flavors, and Art.

After a sublime morning, the afternoon arrives full of seductive aromas, enticing textures, fascinating flavors, and a touch of creativity in every dish. Culinary treasures like Migrante, Máximo Bistró, and Contramar offer options ranging from pan-seared aged duck with winter vegetables to grilled octopus with chipotle chile marinade. Enjoy dishes that defy the limits of imagination and combine local ingredients with avant-garde techniques, a unique fusion only places like La Roma can offer.

Delights at Nightfall.

The sun says goodbye, and magic comes to life in La Colonia Roma. It's time to delve into a culinary experience that leaves even the most demanding palates wanting more. In places like La Docena,Botánico, and Campo Baja, you can enjoy sophisticated, subtle, and exquisite cuisine through dishes like Ensenada mussels with coconut and lemongrass sauce, Ikejime Scottish salmon toast, sour cream, capers, and purple onion or Moro crab claws bathed in clarified butter with dehydrated parsley; so that the pleasure of your taste buds does not end.

A Toast to Life.

Last but not least, La Roma offers an unparalleled bar scene to toast to life and shared experiences. El Tigre Silencioso and Traspatio are places where you can enjoy everything from craft beers and select distillates to wines, spirits, and fun cocktails that will surely get you in the right mood to continue your adventure in this unique corner of Mexico City.

Discover La Roma Mexico City and stay at Colima 71.

As we have already seen, Colonia Roma in Mexico City is a foodie paradise par excellence, an amalgam of culinary traditions that intertwine in a bohemian and cosmopolitan setting. A trip through its streets is a journey through time, with flavors and aromas that transport you to past times and make you feel the national essence in every bite. Enjoy and bon appétit!

At Colima 71, we are waiting for you with open arms, an art hotel that redefines urban life, offering a perfect combination of the best standards, modernity, and authentic hospitality. We have everything ready to make your stay a superior experience. Book your room directly on our website.

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