September 8, 2023

Colima 71

Colima 71

The Art Hotel in Roma Mexico City

Imagine a place where art comes alive in every corner, where design and creativity intertwine to offer you a unique experience in the heart of Mexico City. This is Colima 71, where art becomes a way of life.

A Building that Breathes Art.

Designed by renowned architect Alberto Kalach, Colima 71 exalts contemporary Mexican architecture through exclusive living spaces, with the essence of home for your stay in Mexico City, with architectural details that awaken your emotions and transmit the importance of art in all its forms. More than a hotel, we are an enclave of creativity where architecture, interior design, and hospitality merge to offer you an unforgettable personalized experience.

Community of Artistic Souls.

In Colima 71, the walls also speak, and the works that inhabit them witness the passion that unites a community of artists. We are a space where restless minds and passionate hearts gather to share, learn, and create. Every corner of our design hotel is an opportunity to connect with the cultural expressions that make Mexico City beat.

Sofía Taboas is the creator of our latticework inspired by the windows of the old houses of Colonia Roma, allowing the daily coexistence between the piece and the city environment.

Iñaki Bonilla made "Espectador del Naufragio," a collection of photographs from 2007 that shows the decline of some residences of yesteryear in the neighborhood of La Roma, as a metaphor for a shipwreck announced.

Dario Escobar is the artist of our sculpture inspired by the Mesoamerican sculptural tradition, made from bicycle tires and bronze weights that seeks to represent the mythical figure of Quetzalcóatl in a play of light and shadow.

Our Guiding Values.

Art is a powerful vehicle to connect and elevate our humanity. That passion for creativity drives us to be community builders and unite in pursuing cultural and human enrichment. In addition, our local warmth translates into a welcoming environment where every detail, from interior design to service, has been thought out to invite you to enjoy your short or long-term stay.

Discover Our Favorite Galleries in Colonia Roma, Mexico City.

Explore the soul of La Roma through the eyes of art and let yourself be carried away by our recommended galleries that will reveal the passion and creativity of this unique neighborhood in the Mexican capital. An experience that will expand your cultural horizons and allow you to delve into local and international optics and customs.

Terreno Baldío



Cda. de Orizaba 177, Roma Norte




Monterrey 65, Roma Norte




Valladolid 33, Roma Norte

Travesía Cuatro



Valladolid 35, Roma Norte




Cordoba 100, Roma Norte

See the complete list by clicking here

A place where Creativity is also Tasted, Felt, and Seen.

Our gift for coffee lovers.

We believe in the art of "good food"; that's why we deliver an exquisite morning coffee and a piece of Rosetta Bakery directly to your room every morning; in addition, our Café Concierge shares with you the essence of the national coffees of our Coffee Bar, to take you to an intimate encounter with the flavor, aroma, and traditions of Mexico in every sip.

Passport to the local flavors of La Roma CDMX.

We have a Street Food Concierge who will guide you on an exquisite tour, where you will discover culinary treasures selected and recommended by the founders of Colima 71, designed for foodies avid for authentic flavors. Be part of this delicious experience in one of Mexico City's most traditional and culinary-rich neighborhoods, Colonia Roma.

Sweetness and freshness from the moment of arrival.

Discover the flavors of our unique chocolate variety carefully selected for you, and let yourself be refreshed by the various Kombuchas at your disposal in the mini bar of your studio.

Mexico on Your Skin.

To enhance your well-being, we offer bath products developed in Yucatan, made with bee honey from our association with an organic apiary. Our brand UCU benefits you with antioxidant, antiseptic, healing, and revitalizing properties, making you feel renewed during your stay.

Art is lived in the details.

All our rooms have a set of dishes made with black clay from Oaxaca, in addition to a selection of volcanic stone towel holders, bathrobes, sheets, and comforters made with cotton and Portuguese percale of the highest quality, as well as showers with handmade tiles that enhance the Mexican terrazzo, creating a sophisticated and charming atmosphere.

Live the Colima 71 Experience.

Without a doubt, we are a sanctuary where art becomes an experience, a place where you can live and feel the artistic passion of Mexico and La Colonia Roma. Come in and let yourself be carried away by the emotions that only art can awaken.

In our art hotel, we are waiting for you with open arms, offering you a perfect combination of the best quality standards, modernity, and authentic hospitality. Book your room directly on our website.

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