April 8, 2024

Colima 71

Colima 71:

An Unwavering Commitment to Mexican Artistic Expression

At the vibrant corner of Colima Street in La Roma Norte, the Colima 71 Art Community Hotel stands majestically, blending world-class hospitality with Mexico's cultural richness. In this oasis of creativity and sophistication, the commitment to the arts is not just a statement; it's a deeply rooted passion that manifests in every corner of our boutique hotel in Mexico City and every guest experience.

A Masterpiece: "Tesla Crushed by an Olmec Head"

The latest milestone in Colima 71's artistic journey is the remarkable work of the groundbreaking artist Chavis Mármol. Fondly known as "Tesla Crushed by an Olmec Head," this monumental piece has captured the public's imagination and sparked a fascinating dialogue about Mexico's cultural heritage and contemporary identity. Ana Ongay, Art Curator of our hotel in Roma, Mexico City, shares the vision behind this bold initiative and reveals how this masterpiece has transcended art boundaries to become a powerful symbol of the connection between tradition and modernity.

From Concept to Reality: The Creative Process

Embark on the fascinating journey from the artwork's conception to its impressive realization. Ana Ongay shares exclusive details about the production process, from finding the perfect stone in Puebla to the meticulous sculpture by skilled artisans in Chimalhuacán. Discover how Chavis Mármol's vision came to life with the support and dedication of the Colima 71 team, culminating in an iconic moment that defies expectations and captivates hearts.

Where Did the Idea of Forming an Art Collection at Colima 71 Come From? What Was the Process?

When the hotel was under construction, I joined the project to challenge or break barriers through the art of hospitality. I joined when the architectural and interior design proposal was very solid, yet there was still a feeling that something was missing. The big leagues are betting on art as a whole, instead of traditional advertising, having a serious art agenda.

The idea was for art to tell the story we were already forming through the architecture and design of our boutique hotel in Mexico City. The story of the city and the country is told through its artistic production. So I formed an art collection with very clear guidelines: the pieces had to be from mid-career Mexican artists who lived and worked in Mexico and, if possible, in Colonia Roma, even better.

How Did You Meet the Artist of the Work, Chavis Mármol? And Why Did Colima Decide to Make Such a Piece?

When I look for artwork, I look everywhere. So, in that search on social networks, towards the end of the pandemic, I receive a video of Chavis via Instagram. Visually significant to me is a person on a bicycle like Uber Eats, with a sculpture of an Olmec Head made of foam selling all over the city and delivering food.

I looked for him, and that same afternoon, we met. I went to his studio and talked to him, and he told me that the video that caught my attention was part of an exploration he was doing about the "new" Tamemes, who in pre-Hispanic times was a network of people employed to carry and bring things.

He tells me that the main piece he wants to conclude his exploration of the "Neotamemes" series is an Olmec head falling onto a Tesla car. It struck me; I loved it. We closed this deal to carry out the work, with Chavis as the intellectual author and Colima 71 as the producer.

In reality, I chose that piece for the hotel's permanent collection. I imagined it, and it seemed beautiful to me. To this day, now executed, I see it and look at it again, and the truth is that I enjoy observing it. These two cultural icons that are distant in time and place become the same object. Seeing it reminds me why I love being Mexican and living in Mexico City.

A Moving Dialogue: Meaning and Symbolism of This Mexican Artwork

Chavis Mármol's work goes beyond its physical presence; it is a catalyst for discourse and introspection on the most pressing issues of our society. From the arrival of the Tesla plant in Monterrey to each viewer's unique interpretations, this work invites exploration of its multifaceted symbolism and participation in a meaningful dialogue about the intersection of tradition and modernity in Mexico.

More Than Art: A Commitment to Community and Its Artistic Manifestations

In our hotel in Roma, Mexico City, the commitment to the arts goes beyond mere aesthetics; they are considered catalysts for cultural enrichment and celebration of diversity. From adding Chavis Mármol's work to its permanent collection to integrating artistic experiences throughout the property, Colima 71 seeks to inspire future generations of artists and enthusiasts.

An Immersive Experience: Art in Every Corner

Explore how art intertwines with the guest experience at Colima 71, from Darío Escobar's impressive tire snake to Iñaki Bonilla's fascinating photographs exploring the urban irregularity of Mexico City. Ana Ongay shares how art not only decorates this boutique hotel in Mexico City but also enriches the experience of those who visit, providing a deep connection to Mexico's rich history and vibrant culture.

Art Community Hotel: Celebrating Mexican Creativity

From commissioned artworks to Mexican craftsmanship integrated into every aspect of the guest experience, our hotel in Roma, Mexico City, celebrates Mexico's diversity and incomparable talent. Discover how Colima 71 is making a lasting difference in the cultural landscape of CDMX and inspiring us all to appreciate and celebrate creativity in all its forms.

With its 16 suites offering the perfect blend of modern design and authentic Mexican hospitality, Colima 71 Art Community Hotel stands as a beacon of artistic expression in the heart of La Roma Norte. We strive to redefine the boundaries of hospitality and leave an indelible mark on Mexico's cultural landscape. See you at Colima 71!

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